Who We Are

Lily Pad is a professional London copywriting agency run by copywriter and former solicitor, Elli Lewis. Elli does most of the writing around here, but always has other copywriters on hand for specialist tasks.

Lily Pad produces original, creative copy, edits and proofreads for businesses ranging from TV channels to law firms, whether on the web or in print. This includes:

Contact Lily Pad for more information on any of these services by calling (0)208 123 3484 or drop us an email.


We tailor our copywriting services to your business copy needs and work with you to identify your goals. This approach allows us to produce an effective narrative which conveys your message in a tone which will speak to your target audience.

We always familiarise ourselves with your sector so that we can write authoritatively about your industry from your perspective. Our research packages mean that you can even ask us to compile all of the relevant information as well as producing your written content.

Lily Pad writers listen to your requirements and initially provide you with draft copy. That way, you can see what we’re thinking and make any adjustments you want. 

We also offer style guides so you can understand the character and approach of the writing as well as any grammatical or spelling conventions. These are essential tools for companies which may need to amend the copy themselves in future. They ensure continuity in the copy and that your staff can follow the style of the copy themselves. 

Web Content And SEO

Your web content needs to be search engine optimised as well as inspirational so that it can compete in the online market and maximise its search engine rankings. Whether you are experienced in website development or new to online, we can advise you as to the best keywords to use and incorporate them seamlessly into your web content.

We incorporate our knowledge of web based conventions such as SEO and web page structures into our copy to ensure that your website can maximise its potential and stand out from the crowd.


This is an ideal solution when you want to improve existing business copy. We can make your message more succinct as well as imbuing your copy with your company’s personality and style.

Whether you want to add humour, change the tone or re-work the structure of a piece, we can make sure your copy goes out looking and sounding its best.


For a quick fix, call on Lily Pad to check your copy’s grammar, spelling and readability.

Our Ethos

Professional creativity lies at the heart of everything we do. Whether you want to inspire, teach, sell or inform, we always make sure that we find a way to make your message stand out. Take a look at our portfolio to see how we’ve done this in the past. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, to find a copywriter or to learn more about our freelance copywriting  services.

And the frog? That’s Paddy. He likes to think he’s in charge.

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