Advertorials: where blending in with the crowd is no bad thing

Advertorials are not just an effective marketing tool, but a way to connect with your customers. Also known as advertising features or editorials, advertorials are advertisements written in the form of an article or opinion piece.

So how can you produce advertorials and how can they help your business? Lily Pad can help you produce the right advertising features for your brand and audience and we’ve set out some handy tips below, including:

  • Choosing where you want your advertorials to appear;
  • Honing the style of your advertorials;
  • Developing the subject matters of your advertorials; and
  • Incorporating your sales pitch

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Advertising features: It’s about location, location, location

Advertising features/advertorials can be found in a variety of publications, from entertainment magazines to daily newspapers. So where’s the best place to publish your advertorials?

The first step towards creating advertorials is identifying your audience and the types of publications they read. For instance, if you’re aiming your advertorials at a particular industry, you might want to check out their dedicated publications.

Once you’ve chosen a forum for your campaign, your advertorials can start to take shape.

Advertorials and writing style

Advertorials are each written with a different audience in mind, but the main common denominator is that each of them is produced to flow naturally amidst the other articles in their respective publications.

Therefore, advertorials in newspapers will be written in the style of a news story whereas magazine advertising features aim to be similar to the articles in those magazines, both in terms of style and content.

Lily Pad writers produce advertorials that fit right in with their allocated publications. We can help you identify your goals and provide you with recommendations as to the best writing style to adopt for your advertising features.

Advertorials and subject matter

Deciding to write advertorials in the style of newspaper stories or human interest features is one thing, but what should each piece be about? This decision is different for every brand, but there are some general points to consider in every case.

Choosing topics for your advertorials depends on which aspects of your brand you wish to highlight as well as your chosen publications. The aim of advertorials is to show the value your brand can add to a consumer as well as its unique selling points. Overall, your advertorials should aim for topics which your audience considers to be important and relevant to their lifestyle or business requirements.

Selecting a topical or seasonal issue is often a popular method by which to select a campaign angle for advertorials. By basing your advertorials on issues such as the economic climate or relating your product to, say, the summer, immediately presents readers with something familiar. However, this can limit the appeal of your advertorials and may mean that you can only use your advertising features for a specific period. Also, when an issue is pervasive throughout the media it can mean that everyone else is doing it too.

Here at Lily Pad, we can provide you with a fresh perspective on the topics of your advertorials and deliver exciting new ways to present your brand. Contact us for advertising features expertise.

Incorporating your sales pitch

As with all marketing campaigns, your brand and call to action should be the focus of your advertorials. Never forget that, whilst the editorial aspects of advertorials should engage readers, the overall goal of the campaign is to sell your product.

Consider your audience’s requirements and how advertorials can demonstrate that your product or service fulfils these criteria. Do you have testimonials raving about your service? Perhaps your company’s CEO can share their thoughts about why a particular product is vital for your audience in terms of safety or prudence? Whatever the case, successful advertorials incorporate these core messages within articles by ensuring they flow smoothly in the narrative of the story.

In other words, advertorials should avoid sounding like sales pitches. Instead, they should point to dispassionate facts or quotes which prove the overall message, just as any objective article would. Just make sure you can point to the source of any facts within your advertorials and that you have clients’ permission before printing any quote.

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