Business Press Release Writing: Tell the world what you’ve been up to

A business press release is a direct line to journalists and the members of the news media at large, offering your company a marketing opportunity with exciting possible outcomes and a great return on your investment. After all, if even one publication follows up on the release, your business will benefit from invaluable publicity that could raise your brand’s profile sky high.

But how can you make sure that your business press release grabs the attention of professionals who see hundreds of them each week?

Lily Pad has the key to producing relevant, targeted and enticing business press release writing for your business. Contact our professional copy experts to make sure your press release generates the right buzz about your company. In the meantime, here are some of our tips for writing a great press release:

Writing Press Releases

Writing press releases is a matter of identifying and highlighting the news value of products or services. It differs from other forms of marketing in that it is intended to attract media outlets to write about your business by way of a feature story or news item as opposed to a direct advertisement.

However, like any marketing campaign, the content of your business press release must be relevant to your product, brand and to your target market.

What should your press release be about?

While the subject of a business press release may be immediately clear, such as an upcoming event or promotion, in some cases choosing a topic is not so easy.

In fact, your press release can be based on any number of areas, from the introduction of a new service to announcing awards won by your company.

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Choose an interesting angle

The media is constantly seeking content for publications and relies on press releases as a source of news. The important point about writing your business press release is to produce a story they’ll consider newsworthy.

There are many ways to choose an “angle” to support your corporate press release, from announcing that your company has hired a specialist in a particular field to highlighting how your product provides added value at seasonal times, such as cold medicine during the winter.

Some businesses choose to relate their press release to a topical issue, such as the economic climate. So, for example, in an economic downturn press releases might draw attention to the cost effective nature of a product. As the subject is already in the news, journalists have an easy way of relating it to other articles, increasing the likelihood that it will be relevant to their publication.

Do your research

Another approach is to emphasise the useful nature or popularity of a service by including statistics in your business press release, such as the results of market research. For instance, a hypo-allergenic make-up brand may choose to highlight the proportion of women who suffer from suffer from skin allergies. Statistics are often a popular news item, but such research can be expensive and time consuming.

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Use your press release to maximum effect

In addition to distributing your business press release to media outlets, why not add it to your website? After all, the more web content you have on your site, the better it will perform in search engine rankings.

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