Customer newsletter copywriting

Customer newsletter, email marketing, online newsletter or e-shot: Whatever you choose to call it, regular communication with your current and potential customers via email or by post can be an effective marketing tool as long as it’s well executed.

Imagery and layout are both essential aspects of a well designed customer newsletter, but it’s the writing that really gets your message across and this is what we at Lily Pad do best. So what goes on behind the glitz and glamour of the online marketing industry? We’re here to let you in on a few of the secrets of the trade.

Read on to learn about Lily Pad’s route to affordable, professional customer newsletter copy or contact Lily Pad for bespoke advice. Just call (0)208 123 3484 or email.

Online newsletters: a great way to communicate with your customers

Online newsletters are a direct route to your customers and offer you an instant platform through which to:

  • advertise promotions;
  • display your products;
  • promote your brand; and
  • forge a long-lasting relationship between your business and your customers.

So, how do you distinguish between great online newsletters and those which your customers will discard as trash? The trick is to target your newsletter in a way which is as engaging as it is informative. In other words, you have to grab your customers’ attention before you can tell them about your product.  

At Lily Pad, we work with you to understand your product, your brand and your target market so that we can tailor your newsletter accordingly.

Customer Newsletters and Tone

The next step is to decide on the tone of your newsletter. This depends on how you want to present your business and the market you’re targeting. Lily Pad writers can offer you endless options, from fun and outlandish to e-shots with a corporate feel.

Promoting your brand

Identify what you’d like to say to your customers in your newsletter. It’s a great opportunity to tell them about offers, introduce your team, display your latest products and showcase your latest achievements.

Engaging your customers

Whatever you want to say, we find interesting and engaging ways to display your message so that your customers read your newsletter from start to finish. For instance, if you’re looking to promote a service, why not analyse that sector of the industry to show how your business provides added value? If you’d like to introduce new customers to your team, try a case study of your work.

Lily Pad writers can think up endless ways to make your newsletter different and innovative. We’re all about creative solutions and there’s nothing we love more than a good old brainstorming session to provide you with a great marketing campaign. 

The Name and the Tag

Do you want your newsletter to have its own name and tag line? Allocating a name to your newsletter sets the tone and means that your customers know what to expect when it lands in their inbox. A tag line is a sub heading that expands this name and provides new customers with more information about the newsletter as well as about your brand.

We can produce a selection of names and tags so that you can choose the one that best captures your brand.

Customer Newsletters and Structure

Developing a template for your customer newsletters means that your e-shot will be consistent and structured. Whether you want to send your customer newsletter once a year or on a monthly basis, we’ll develop a structure to suit your business while ensuring that it is still flexible so that your emails remain fresh and interesting.

We also frequently work with web and marketing agencies to develop the writing alongside imagery and technical elements so that you get a full product.

Want your customer newsletter to reach the customers other marketing campaigns can’t? Contact Lily Pad for more information or to discuss your project.

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