Freelance Copywriting in London

We’re a freelance copywriting agency based in London and we go by the name, Lily Pad. Whether you’re looking for content for your website or copy for your marketing campaign, we deliver copy that’s both creative and professional.

Freelance copywriting is such a wide and varied field that we decided to scribble down some facts about what we Lily Pad writers do. So this section of our site looks at the freelance copywriting services we offer and how we can help you. We’ll also be adding articles with tips and ideas about freelance copywriting so feel free to drop by whenever you like to read our latest thoughts. 

Have a copywriting project in mind? Contact Lily Pad on 0208 123 3484 or email us.

Freelance copywriting: how it works

Freelance copywriting is all about providing clients with written content that meets their requirements and reflects their business. That’s why Lily Pad copywriters start by understanding your business, the purpose of your copy, your message and the type of copy you require.

When it comes to producing your copy, we provide you with a first draft and one round of feedback as standard so that you can be confident that the end product is word perfect.

Freelance copywriting rates

Every freelance copywriting agency or professional deals with rates differently. Some freelancers charge according to the time they spend on a copywriting piece whereas others work on a word count basis.

At Lily Pad, our rates are based on the number of words in each piece and we always provide a quote at the start of a project. Please feel free to request a copy of our freelance copywriting fee guidelines or ask us for a quote.

Freelance copywriting: what we do

We deal with a wide variety of copywriting requests, including:

Website Copy and SEO Copy

Our freelance copywriting professionals produce web content based on an in-depth understanding of your business and your goals. We can even expand the marketing capabilities of your website, using search engine optimization or ‘SEO copy’ to maximize your site’s ranking on search engines like Google.

Find out how our experts can help launch your new website or tweak your existing one. Read about our website copy services.

Corporate Brochures and Leaflets

At Lily Pad, we deliver brochures and leaflets that reflect your business at its best. Our freelance copywriting experts work with you to produce an end result that promotes your brand while informing potential customer about your product or services clearly, concisely and effectively.

Contact Lily Pad for professional brochure writing to ensure your corporate brochures engage, inspire and sell.


Engage your audience while promoting your brand with advertorials focused on your products and services.

Wherever you choose to publish your advertorial, contact our freelance copywriting experts for advertising features which are both entertaining and totally focused on your brand.

Press Releases

Lily Pad produces business press releases that capitalize on the newsworthy elements of your product or services. Contact our freelance copywriting agency to find out more about how writing press releases can catapult your business into the public eye. 

Customer Newsletters

Keep in touch with your existing customers and promote your business to new ones with a customer newsletter.

To ensure that your business is on the minds of your target market, find out more about how we can help you with your customer newsletter. 

Freelance Copywriting with Creative Flair

Our Lily Pad writers are on hand for freelance copywriting expertise in London, so contact Lily Pad for freelance copywriting services with creative flair.

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