Nine Simple SEO Content Writing Tips

SEO content writing is one of the main things we do here at Lily Pad and also the subject of most of the questions we get hurled at us through cyberspace. That’s why we’ve come up with nine (yes, we know it’s a strange number) SEO content writing tips for effective search engine optimisation.

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1. Pick your keywords carefully

Keywords are one of the first things you should think about when it comes to producing SEO content. Producing effective SEO copy is all about targeting one or two keywords per page, so you want to be sure you pick carefully.

Sites with the best SEO content target keywords which strike the perfect balance between popularity and competitiveness.

2. Weave your keywords through your copy

Search engines look for the most relevant sites for each search term, which is why it’s important to weave your chosen keywords into your SEO content. Generally speaking, the more times you mention your keywords the better, but don’t go overboard. Excessive use of keywords is known as ‘spamming’ and search engines can ban websites for doing it. 

3. Watch your word count

A big debate is raging in the web development world about whether SEO content requires an exact word count per page to achieve high positioning. Now, SEO is not an exact science and nobody except Google themselves know how their algorithms work, but here’s what we think: Your SEO content needs to be a decent length in order to be able to mention your keywords enough times to be picked up by search engines. We wouldn’t want to comment on exact word counts (lest we be sucked into the debate) but if you’re only writing one or two paragraphs, you won’t easily be able to weave your keywords into the copy.

4. Break it down

If you do plan on writing large swathes of SEO content for your site, find a way to make it readable. After all, visitors don’t want to wade through miles of copy. Our advice? Think about splitting your SEO content under headings, sections, into different pages or ask your web agency to design something for you. Whatever you do, think about your reader and how they’ll interact with your website. 

5. Don’t sacrifice quality for keyword ratios  

Whilst we’ve been writing about ‘SEO content’ always bear in mind that your website copy has to be engaging and interesting as well as SEO effective. Otherwise, people will just bounce right out of it. So never sacrifice the quality of your writing for the sake of adding keywords. If you’re having trouble incorporating your keywords into your copy, try picking different ones.

6. Develop your links

Mingle, meet new people, make new friends; hardly seems like SEO content writing advice does it? And yet, that’s part of link building. Inbound links are an important part of an effective SEO strategy and the right ones can really help your positioning.

So, in addition to listing your site on directories and having a Twitter page, why not link to a partner company?

7. Don’t forget internal links

Many sure that each page of your site has links to it from your other site pages. Internal links are a great way to maximise your SEO content effectiveness and to get users visiting other pages on your site.

8. Avoid the dark side of SEO

Do not sell your soul to Black Hat techniques. Not only are they only likely to achieve temporary results for your SEO content, but they could get your website banned from search engines.

9. Remember your page titles

SEO content doesn’t stop at what’s written on your web pages. The headings and brief paragraph shown as your search results, known as pages titles and meta data, also count and should include mentions of your keywords.

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