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SEO friendly copy is vital if you want to get your business noticed in the online marketplace. After all, as the Internet becomes consumers’ favourite place to shop, they are relying on search engines to help them find the right businesses for their needs and it’s the ones nearer the top of the results that benefit from their custom.  

If you want your business to rise up the search engine rankings then, amongst other things, your site copy needs to SEO friendly.

Lily Pad specialises in SEO copy. We’d love to help your business so call us on (0)208 123 3484 or email us to discuss your website. Also, as we’re just as friendly as our SEO copy, we thought we’d share some tips for great online writing.

SEO Copy: What is it?

SEO copy is copywriting that’s search engine optimised. In other words, it’s writing that’s aimed at improving your business’s ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

SEO copy works by making search engines aware of what your business is all about. It targets certain phrases (or “keywords”) for which your potential customers are most likely to search and relates them to your website.

For example, if you run a hairdressing salon in Farringdon, then one keyword you almost certainly want to target is “Hairdresser Farringdon”. To make your copy SEO friendly for that phrase, you’ll want to include it in the right places on your site.

Email Lily Pad or call us on (0)208 123 3484 to find out more about SEO Copy and how it could help your website.

Being picky about keywords

When Lily Pad is asked to write SEO friendly copy for a business’s website, one of the first things we do is to analyse which keywords will best serve that business. These choices are based on a number of factors, but some of the main issues are relevance and search likelihood.

When picking your keywords, think about the phrases your customers would associate with your business. You can try out different searches to see with whom you’re competing or even ask your existing customers what they would search for to find your business.

We can help you choose the best keywords for your purposes and ensure that your website copy targets them effectively, so feel free to contact Lily Pad.

Using keywords

One important factor in producing SEO friendly copy is how many times and in which places your web content mentions your chosen keywords. The more you mention your keyword, and variations of it, the more indicators you’re giving to search engines. Having said this, it’s important to get the balance right and not go overboard.

Remember that bombarding your web content with keywords is considered spamming and search engines can blacklist a website for such activities. We can help you create SEO friendly copy that’s balanced and effective. Just contact Lily Pad for more information.

Keep it natural

All this time, we’ve been talking about writing great SEO copy, but never forget that your website is often your business’s first point of contact with customers. It’s essential to make a good first impression and for your copy to be as friendly to your customers as it is to search engines. Put simply, never sacrifice the quality of your website copy for the sake of SEO.

Lily Pad writers know how to achieve effective SEO writing without compromising on style, so call us on (0)208 123 3484 or email for details.

Consider every web page a new opportunity

The more keywords you target, the more SEO friendly your website will be, so think of every page on your site as an opportunity to target a different keyword.

Other factors that affect SEO

SEO is not an exact science and it’s also not a quick fix. Climbing search engine rankings takes time and is impacted by a variety of factors.

Our job at Lily Pad is to optimise your website so that the writing is as good as possible, maximising its potential.

Want SEO friendly web content? Contact Lily Pad.

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