Lily Pad writers regularly apply their creative copy skills to a variety of tasks. We’ve produced copy ranging from historical prose to the latest news and we’ve worked with everyone from those corporate guys in the square mile to the creative geniuses in the entertainment industry.

The one constant element throughout our portfolio is that we treat each piece of creative copy individually, pouring every ounce of inspiration we have into the words so that they jump off the page. 

We thought we'd share some examples of our copy with you. Feel free to browse and enjoy.

Fortimus Internet Consulting

Lily Pad worked with the Fortimus Internet Consulting team to find the perfect tone for their website before producing their search engine optimised website copy.

BBC Worldwide

Lily Pad has researched and written about the lives of some of history’s most famous figures for BBC Worldwide.


Lily Pad produced the web content for Historvius, the perfect tool through which to discover the world’s historic sites.

The Biography Channel

From the life story of President Barack Obama to that of legendary director Guillermo del Toro and even fortnightly columns analysing celebrity antics, Lily Pad has produced an eclectic range of copy for The Biography Channel. offers users instant cash for their items with 62 days to change their minds. Lily Pad’s role in writing the web copy for this client was to clearly explain this unique concept in a friendly and approachable tone.


In writing the website copy for Wagster, we adopted a vibrant, fun and slightly quirky tone that showed off their eco-friendly electric scooters at their best.

Virgin Media

Debating whether money is the key to happiness, providing tips for burgeoning property developers and reminiscing about the good old days, Lily Pad has explored a variety of lifestyle issues for Virgin Media.

Music By Arrangement

When Lily Pad produced the copy for the website of music and entertainment agency, Music By Arrangement, we ensured that the tone was lively, creative and professional – just like them.

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