Whatever you’re looking for in your business copy, the best way to achieve a clear and cohesive message is to instruct your copywriter as to your exact requirements.

When Lily Pad Copy takes on your brief, we want to know everything about it so that we can tailor the copywriting to your exact needs. That’s why we always ask you a few questions before we get started.

Now, we know that you want to get going as soon as possible so that you can get your message out there. For that reason, we have outlined some of the things we might need to know before setting pen to pad so that your business copy reflects your enterprise.

What’s your subject matter?

Whatever the topic of your brief, we have a copywriter to suit your needs.

Is research required or can you provide all the information?

Lily Pad writers are happy to research topics for you, but you might already have all of the information to hand. Just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

How long does it need to be?

Lily Pad's affordable copy rates are dependent on a combination of word count and whether research is required.  Feel free to ask for guidance if you’re in doubt.

Who are you targeting?

It doesn’t take a copywriter to know that there’s a massive difference between writing copy for law firm’s website and a script for a children’s TV show (although we all have to acknowledge the similarities between the two).

The point is, the more accurately you describe your target audience, the more fitting the copy will be in terms of language, style and content.

What type of publication do you want?

Do you need an advert slogan, an article, a brochure or web content? Take a look at our creative copy for inspiration.

What form of media will you be using?

Whether you want it on a website, in print, in an email or all of the above, each of these forums requires a different style of writing and attention to different details.

For example, if you want a leaflet, you probably don’t give two hoots about search engine optimisation, but for a website, you’ll need to think about keywords.

In fact… what about keywords?

Imagine that you want your website to achieve top search engine results when people search for ‘French cooking’.

Once you add ‘French cooking’ as a key phrase in your brief, Lily Pad will ensure that your copy includes the appropriate number of mentions of ‘French cooking’ and that the phrase is appropriately placed on your web pages. We can even provide you with a list of appropriate keywords.